Elijah Guia
Aug 10, 2010 - June 2, 2011

"Break the silence" ~ Eli died tragicly under the care of his babysitter and is still with out justice. Eli is the inspiration for ELI Group as Elijah's voice calls out to break the silence of abuse and neglect against children everywhere.

ELI Group~ Every Life is Important

ELI Group is breaking the silence! We are a non-profit child advocacy organization that is a voice for children in the war against child abuse. We provide an online grief support group for anyone who has lost a child to a violent crime and /or an unnatural death. We unite and support the community through various fundraisers to continue the efforts to raise awareness about abuse, neglect, murder, sexual abuse, child trafficking and more. We educate through social media and through the community to bring awareness to the tragic statistics of child deaths due to abuse. We publicly fight for change in laws regarding justice, safety and protection of children. We help unite advocacy forces on a national level to see our vision come true: that one day we will see children live in a world free from abuse, neglect and fear.